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Party Crashers News 8 months ago No Comments Stop Party Crashers does NOT agree with this writer when she says "Everyone knows the name Zumba, so I think it is used universally to indicate some sort of dance class."  This is the worst thing that can

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Durante l’ultimo mese, il dipartimento Legale di Zumba, lavorando con rappresentanti legali in Italia, ha condotto una indagine approfondita sugli istruttori che insegnavano Zumba® senza licenza.

Una volta identificati, abbiamo mandato una

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So far this year we have received over 1266 reports of instructors teaching Zumba® classes without a license.  Of these reports, approximately 820 contained enough information for us to take action, the remainder did not so we could

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Music is so important to the Zumba® program, and that’s why we continue investing more resources into our music development. We are planning more collaborations than ever with up-and-coming and award-winning artists and producers to provide the hottest

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The original post in Portuguese is

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Ao longo do mês passado, o Departamento Jurídico da Zumba, trabalhando com representantes no Brasil, realizou uma grande investigação sobre os instrutores que estão ensinando aulas de Zumba® sem licença. Uma vez identificados, ligamos e

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Stop Party Crashers has announced a action initiated against the Instituto Municipal del Deporte y la Cultura Fisica de

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This is our new and improved webpage that works in conjunction with Stop Party Crashers Facebook page.   You can come here for detailed information about what the Zumba Legal Department is doing to Stop Party Crashers.  Also