SPC Statistics January to September 2016
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So far this year we have received over 1266 reports of instructors teaching Zumba® classes without a license.  Of these reports, approximately 820 contained enough information for us to take action, the remainder did not so we could not act on them despite an investigation on our part.  Of the 820 actionable reports, we successfully resolved 752 of them (e.g. the instructor stopped teaching or the class name was changed). During this time we also stopped the sale of: (i) nearly 25,000 fake products; (ii) removed over 65,000 videos ad Zumba® copyrighted content from online sites; and (iii) took formal legal action against dozens of entities involved in training unlicensed instructors, employing unlicensed instructors, and manufacturing and/or distributing fake products.

Your Stop Party Crashers team at work!